Covid-19 Extraordinary Procedure

important-notice1The following indications are laid down by our Direction and to be intended as an extraordinary procedure for carrying out the control activities following the restrictions laid down for the CODIV-19 emergency.

This procedure, drawn up in line with the IAF ID3: 2001 guideline and with the "Impact document of COVID-19", if there are no more detailed provisions, is to be considered applicable on all certification schemes managed by Bioagricert and meant to be shared with all our personnell with particular focus on Inspectors.



For the entire duration of the emergency situation, if the operator is not available for the effectiveness of the inspections or the inspector is not sure how to carry them out, the use of planned ordinary control can consider suspended with forward sliding forward and without any obligation to communicate or change the plan. If it becomes necessary for the continuation of the alarm situation, we will evaluate a readjustment of the plan also by decreasing the number of checks on the op. with major risks.


In the same situation, the first inspections and those necessary for business extensions are moved to the end of the deadline of the allowed period (this change case by case on the scheme and standard). In case of need documentary evidences and certificates must be issued on the basis of the only documentary evaluation and on the specific company documentation. The "documental inspection" (off-site inspection) will be checked by the inspector who will verify the relevant documents (application, plans, registers if applicable, technical reports and system plans, etc.), and a technical declaration by the operator, as self-certification.



If both the operator and inspector are available carrying out the inspection, these functions must be carried out on condition that all the precautionary measures established between the people, avoid gatherings, avoid physical contacts, use of masks, wash your hands whenever possible or use portable sanitizers, etc ...). The inspector must travel with the MANDATORY self-certification required by the Authorities (it depends on the Country).

Not knowing the duration of the state of emergency, a monthly check on the status of the control plan will be done, evaluating any changes to be agreed with the Competent Authority and the Accreditation and Authorization Bodies.

At the end of the emergency, the first useful inspection will be aimed at verifying the congruence of the documented evaluations used and the activities of the companies in the reference period. The companies on which to carry out these inspection activities will be reported by sending a special list.

Waiting for a kind confirmation of understanding and feedback.

Any further modification to these indications will be published on this web site.

Thank you for your understanding.

Bioagricert CEO, Dr. Alessandro Lombardi