BIOSUISSE Switzerland

bio suisseBio Suisse is a no profit organization that represents of Swiss "bud" producer's interests of Swiss producers and their licensees. Bio Suisse developed specific directives for organic products sold on the Swiss market and registered the "bud/Bio Suisse" logo that characterize its products.

To export products with Bio Suisse logo in Switzerland it is necessary to demonstrate to have a potential Swiss importer, because only this latter can become a Bio Suisse licensee and distinguish the products with the "bud" logo.

Moreover, to export organic products to Switzerland it is necessary to comply with the requirements of national and EC regulation into force, together with the additional requirements of Bio Suisse standards, that can be found on the website www.icbag.ch, plus receiving an inspection from the control body that controls and certify the company for EC Reg. 834/07.

Bioagricert is able to support operators in the BIO SUISSE certification process.

Please contact your local office or send an e-mail to the Head Office in Italy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.