Bioagricert certifies natural and organic cosmetic products distinguished for their high quality, respectful of health and environment and made with natural and organic substances.
Bioagricert certifies the application of specific standards and requirements that allow different levels of conformity, depending on the percentage of "natural" ingredients, ingredients of "natural origin" and organic ingredients.

"Natural" ingredients are substances obtained from natural raw materials such as vegetal products or products from wild harvesting, products of animal origin like milk, honey, etc. and minerals processed only thorough physical methods (drying, extraction, filtration, etc.).

Ingredients "of natural origin" are substances obtained from natural raw materials, like indicated above, that can be processed through physical processes but also through some allowed chemical processes.

In the case of "organic" cosmetics, the natural substances should also be certified according to organic farming standards.

Bioagricert certifies cosmetic products according to the following standards:

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Bioagricert can also certify cosmetic products according to NATRUE international Standard, which is more appropriate for operators who want to export their products to North Europe (see www.natrue.org).




logo cosmosThe COSMOS-standard is owned and managed by a not-for-profit, international association registered in Belgium. The COSMOS-standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust, and that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.


Both NATRUE and COSMOS Standard are quite restrictive. NATRUE criteria focus more on the ingredients while COSMOS criteria focus more on the production of the cosmetic product itself.


logo vegan cert tracciati uk

Bioagricert gives operators the possibility to certify products according to VeganCert Standard.
Producers guarantees that they did not use any substance of animal origin in their products. Furthermore, they assure that the company, its laboratories, or suppliers did not used any animal testing in any phase of product development.


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SPA Certification
SPA is a way to beauty and health via pro¬fessional body care and it represents an im¬portant part of beauty industry. Bioagricert has implemented a standard for the certification of those SPA centers that use traditional massages and tech¬niques, new effective products including only natural or organic ingredients, orga¬nic food and drinks, etc.
Bioagricert performs an evaluation of the SPA and awards the center with a certificate including from one to five stars depending on the techniques and products used.

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