Organic farmers, processors and traders, must comply with strict EU requirements if they want to use the EU organic logo or label their products as organic.

The EU requires an equally strict control system with checks carried out at every stage of the organic chain. Every operator (farmer, processor, trader, importer or exporter) is checked at least once a year, or more often on the basis of risk assessment.

Controls are carried out by EU approved Certification Bodies (CBs). Each one of them has an identification code that operators should place on the products'label. Bioagricert code is IT BIO 007.

Bioagricert, which has been working in the sector of organic certification since 1984, provides effective and punctual controls according to national and international organic standards.

Bioagricert does not only work in the sector of organic certification. It also provides certification services of PRODUCT QUALITY (GLOBALG.A.P., Geographical Indications, Traceability Systems, Integrated Production etc.) and OTHER CERTIFICATIONS such as organic and natural cosmetics and textiles, green energy, fair trade and many more.