Organic catering

bioagricert.eat defThe EU legislation that regulates the production and marketing of organic products (Reg. UE 848/2018), excludes organic restaurateurs from the obligations of being subject to the regulated control system required of the organic production chain. In fact, all collective catering operations and therefore the preparation of organic products in restaurants, hospitals, canteens etc. are excluded.

This is why Bioagricert has decided to propose a voluntary certification system - characterized by the Bioagricert.eat logo - which makes up for this lack of the mandatory control regime.The specification defines control requirements and rules specifically designed for catering, extending to the sector criteria and principles established by Reg. UE 848/2018 for preparation units.

Bioagricert.eat specification aims to ensure correct communication to the consumer regarding the organic ingredients actually used.The gastronomic preparations that guarantee at least 95% of organic ingredients, can be classified and identified in the menus as ORGANIC DISHES. The set of multiple organic dishes can create the ORGANIC MENU. Even the use of only some ORGANIC ingredients can be enhanced by the wording ORGANIC INGREDIENTS referring to them.

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