The sensitivity for environmental issues, for the quality in terms of use of products and processes as "natural" as possible, is spreading more and more, in a similar way to that which occurred over thirty years ago for organic food productions.

Unlike what happens for food products, the European and international regulations regarding cosmetic products do not include technical production and labelling rules designed to protect and regulate the use of the terms like ecological, organic or natural.

Against this lack of legislation, Bioagricert, for over thirty years committed with the certification of organic food products, provides companies - that use on the labels claims that refer to "natural" or "organic" ingredients - with an independent certification that proves the truthfulness of such declarations.

Bioagricert specification for the production of organic and natural cosmetics is in line with the main European Regulations and provides for the certification of two product categories:



COSMETIC OF NATURAL ORIGIN composed of at least 95% of "natural ingredients" and "ingredients of natural origin". The use of additives and other synthetic substances is allowed up to a maximum of 5% by weight of the total ingredients of the finished formulation. However, the use of synthetic perfumes and chemically modified natural perfumes is allowed up to a maximum percentage of use equal to 1 in weight of the total ingredients of the finished formulation.





ORGANIC COSMETIC containing organic ingredients for at least 51% of the total volume of the product. Certified organic ingredients are always indicated on the label and/or highlighted in the list of ingredients (INCI). On a voluntary basis, the percentage of organic ingredients on the total volume of the product may also be indicated on the label. In the context of a formulation the same ingredient cannot be present either organic or conventional.






Bioagricert can also certify cosmetic products according to NATRUE international Standard, which is more appropriate for operators who want to export their products to North Europe (see www.natrue.org).






On January 1st 2021, version 3.9 replaced version 3.8. Download HERE the new version.

Certification of finished products

Certification of raw materials

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