Energy saving

The use of non renewable energetic resources increases the greenhouse effect causing the rise of temperature all around the world.

Operators who want to contribute to the protection of the environment can apply for ECO ENERGY CERTIFICATION which aim is both to use sustainable energies and reduce costs. First of all operators have to do an energetic audit in order to check the global situation of the company. This analysis helps to find out the possible solutions to improve the energetic efficiency: analysis of all stages of the production process, of thermic and electrical needs, structural analysis of building, analysis of waste material. Once the company has determined its energetic needs, it can start taking the suitable actions.




In case of organic products, operators can apply for ECOENERGY CERTIFICATION



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In case of conventional products, operators can apply for Co2olEnergy CERTIFICATION



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Operators who want to go further may also check the impact of their production processes on the environment and adopt suitable strategies to reduce their emissions. Bioagricert, signed a partnershio with CARNOSTICS, a pioneer in the field of sustainability metrics, to offer operators a suite of web-based, user-friendly carbon accounting and product lifecycle assessment applications that deliver actionable information helping food companies make better decisions about their brands and businesses. Through the use of the software, operators can measure the emissions of the life cycle of their products and plan suitable measures to reduce them.


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