Management of green areas

Bioagricert with the help of a group of experts,has issued two norms for the eco compatible management green areas.




The areas destined to sport activities can be managed with techniques used in organic farming in order to respect the environment and customers' safety.
The application of Agricert NT_01 Technical Norm helps to reduce water waste and the use of phyto sanitary products and to increase biodiversity.
Golf Club Argentario in Orbetello, Italy, and Golf Club Hermitage in Portoferraio, Isola d'Elba, Italy, Golf Club Casentino in Arezzo, Italy, and "N. Galli" Sport Centre in Bologna, Italy are among the sport facilities certified according to NT_01.





The Institutional norms about the management of urban green areas change depending on local administrations. Anyway, the growing attention to city green areas underline the importance of preserving such zones.
Agricert NT_03 Technical Norm is a voluntary instrument for the management of urban green areas, both public and private, based on a logic of environment respect, eco- compatibility, bio-diversity protection and safety for citizens through the use of technical means used in organic farming. The management of urban green areas is often entrusted to third part companies so it is important that someone else controls the application of all requirements.
NT_03 can be used for urban green areas, that means for the vegetation included in the city area and in the area between city and country. The Norm defines the techniques, the responsibilities, the modalities and the products that can be used to manage such areas with eco- compatible techniques.


Bioagricert s.r.l. helps operators in the certification process of NT01 and NT03. 

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