Companies are increasingly using third-party controls to validate the safety, quality and authenticity of ingredients and products.
The use of classical microbiology has its limitations as it does not allow an accurate understanding of the genus and the bacterial species present.
Bioagricert/FoodChain ID is now able to provide metagenomic analysis, a new but proven methodology that studies the set of different genetic materials (called metagenome), altogether deriving from the different species present in a given environment, including food.

Metagenomics allows the identification of ALL the microorganisms present in a food helping to:

  • Improve food quality by identifying and monitoring harmful bacteria during the food aging process.
  • Identify the source of food contamination.
  • Thoroughly assess any changes in the production chain in order to extend the shelf life of a product.

By controlling both processes and products, companies will be able to optimize production and reduce costs.

Metagenomics is the most powerful tool today for:

  • Have a complete view of the microbial flora of a sample
  • Check the quality of a product throughout its life
  • Monitor the fermentation processes
  • Identify spoilage bacteria to control them and increase their lifespan
  • Optimize storage conditions by studying the impact on microbial flora and conservation

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