Regenerative farming

Regenerative farming is a philosophy (followed by a set of agricultural practices) that aims to reverse the process of natural resource depletion caused by industrial farming.
Regenerative farming aims to build healthy soil for years to come, increase biodiversity, restore balance in ecosystems and mitigate climate change.
Regenerative farming incorporates many practices used in other, more holistic agricultural systems, without completely rejecting the use of chemicals.
Rather, it seeks to minimize mechanical operations and the use of inputs that can cause damage to soil organic matter and living organisms.

FoodChainID Regenerative Farming Standard is an independent, globally applicable, voluntary certification scheme that incorporates environmental elements and regenerative farming requirements for soil health and land management.
The standard is applicable to individual producers, groups of producers, as well as processing and commercial companies according to the following three certification categories:

  1. Individual manufacturer certification (Option 1)
  2. Group Certification (Option 2)
  3. Chain of Custody

The basic principles of regenerative farming are:

  • Balance of soil nutrients
  • The soil must always be covered (with weeds or decaying plant material)
  • Minimize interventions on the ground
  • Increase the biodiversity of all organisms (plants, animals) and microorganisms.
  • Integration and correct management of fauna, in particular insects and birds present on the farm.
  • Increase in organic substance and immobilization of CO2 in soils

Advantages of the standard:

  • Supply chain transparency with chain of custody principles
  • Applicable to any agricultural system
  • Can be combined with other standards or certification schemes to provide audit flexibility
  • Preparatory to compensation through CO2 credits

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Bioagricert has joined the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), promoted by Patagonia as an approved certifier and is able to offer the certification service useful for the use of the Regenerative Organic Certified® brand on organic products that also respect the regenerative farming specifications of this organization.









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