Lactose Free and Gluten Free

The Osservatorio Immagino (GS1-Nielsen) notes that 'overall the food products aimed at lactose or gluten intolerant (excluding water and spirits) has reached the 8 thousand products, thanks to 1,946 new products on whose packaging appeared claims related to the absence of gluten or lactose. So today 13% of the almost 61 thousand products present in the Observatory are addressed expressly to those who suffer from food intolerances, diagnosed or presumed, and also to those who, despite not having known intolerances, decide to follow this diet ".

gluten-free2 a-01 - copiaBioagricert proposes a specific Standard that applies to any type of food product with a gluten content below 20 ppm, theglute-free-bioagricert-01 current legal limit (EC Regulation No. 41/2009), thus representing a guarantee for celiac consumers.

Bioagricert certification is an objective tool that can be used by companies to demonstrate due diligence in managing the "Gluten Free" claim. In fact, it allows the use of the FOODCHAIN ​​ID (foreign market) or BIOAGRICERT (Italian market) brand on the label and is applied to products and catering companies.

The applicant company must:

  1. Have a Gluten Free requirement management system.
  2. Carry out a risk analysis that considers:
  • the presence of gluten in raw materials;
  • the danger of contamination during all stages of production;
  • the management of the non-compliant product;
  • the execution of analytical control tests;
  • staff training.

Specifically, the requirements set out in the standard concern:

  • authorizations, structure and location of the site;
  • risk analysis (in particular gluten presence and cross-contamination);
  • production structure: general conditions and specific conditions (measures relating to cross-contamination from the environment, from personnel, from production with gluten);
  • product control: general aspects and specific aspects (production program, raw material evaluation, sampling plan);
  • identification of products, raw materials and semi-finished products and traceability system;
  • management of non-compliant products and crisis situations;
  • management system: training (current and new staff);
  • audit (compliance checked annually).

Furthermore, the requesting company must carry out a "supplier qualification".

In addition, Bioagricert/FOODCHAIN ​​ID offers the BRC 12 Glutenfree Foods voluntary supplementary module which can be requested as an extension of purpose of the BRC lfreecertificate and allows easier access to the "Spiga Barrata" logo with European license.

Bioagricert has also developed a voluntary standard for the certification of catering gluten free and has entered into an agreement with ELLEFREE for certification of lactose and/ or milk and dairy products. ELLEFREE certification it also enhances the Italian Excellencies that export their products abroad, thus offering the opportunity to give added value to their Made in Italy. The Trademark is recognized not only in Italy but registered in Europe and filed internationally in the following countries: U.S.A, China, Japan, Australia, San Marino, Switzerland and Norway.

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