Non-GMO Project

non gmo verfiedThe Non-GMO Project trademark is owned by a non-profit foundation (https://www.nongmoproject.org/) established in 2007 with the aim of identifying, enhancing and favouring products that meet the Non-GMO requirements on the market.

FoodChain-ID, an international group of which also Bioagricert is part since 2017, is one of the very few entities authorized to carry out the verifications and the longest serving technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project.

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In Europe, claims about the absence of GMOs are prohibited, particularly in organic products because it is an implicit requirement already provided by law. In the USA however, regulations do not provide the same level of assurance and there is thus a strong consumer demand for further product guarantees, for both organic and conventional products.

A Consumer Reports Survey found that over 70% of Americans say they do not want the presence of genetically modified ingredients in their food. More and more consumers are starting to consider the origin of their food, how it’s produced, and in many cases, whether the ingredients within are genetically modified.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that 80% of consumers actively seek out non-GMO products verified to the Non-GMO Project Standard, according to another Consumer Reports study. For many, it’s not about buying something based on a trendy label, but rather about making a purchase decision that gives them peace of mind.

The presence of the "butterfly logo" is, at present, one of the most important drivers of purchasing choices and obtaining the certification represents an opportunity for companies to enhance products on the market and increase sales.

The colleagues of FoodchainID carry out the verification activity which is mainly based on documentary controls accompanied by audits at the production sites only for the riskiest situations. If audits are required in Italy these will be carried out by Bioagricert auditors.

All exchanges of documents take place remotely through a special software or via e-mail.

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