Law & Regulation

In the European Union, organic production is regulated by Regulation Reg. UE 848/2018 in force from January 1st, 2022. Check this link to download the official and updated regulation.

Besides Europe, each Country has its specific Regulation for the production and processing of organic products. Some Regulations are considered equivalent to EU Regulation so that organic products can be traded easily. While other Regulations are not equivalent and to trade organic products, operators should comply with more than one Regulation.

Useful links

ITALY  National Information System on Organic Farming (SINAB)
U.S.A.             USDA-National Organic Program        
JAPAN  JAS Standard
CANADA  COR Standard
FRANCE  AB Standard

For other Standards or detailed information about the Regulation of a specific country, please contact the HEAD OFFICE in Italy or your nearest local office.