THE SUPPLY CHAINS OF THE FUTURE New scenarios and perspectives of sustainability

Sustainability of the agri-food supply chain (declined in its various environmental, economic and social components) assumes growing importance both nationally and internationally and the companies more attentive to the quality of their production begin to consider it as a structural part of their commercial and communication policy .

"Non GMO" and "ORGANIC" represent the driving values of this path in favor of sustainability, which continues to be strongly evolving, both as regards the regulatory aspects and the control instruments.


This March 2019 FoodChain ID welcome you to our event Non-GMO

This March 2019 FoodChain ID welcome you to our event Non-GMO: Exploring Future Challenges – A Closer Look At Supply Chain Compliance’.


Expo MILANO 2015, Closing Cerimony

The 184-day Expo Milano 2015 successfully came to an end in the Italian northern city on Saturday, attracting more than 21 million visitors, of which around one third foreigners.


Milan EXPO 2015: Charter of the International Organic Action Network in Expo

The organic sector is protagonist of Milano EXPO 2015 during its last month thanks to the Organic Week organized at the Biodiversity Park and to the edition of the Charter of the International Organic Action Network.


Updating of NOP National List

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has published the Sunset 2017 final rule.