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From January 2015 the new system to check the certificates doc14
and to trace the sales of organic products                                      bandiereitaliana uk spain romania

After years of experience with the system of transaction documents filled in by hand by the organic operators and with those generated by a specific software locally installed at the companies, we passed to a new system to issue these documents, which uses directly the web platform, thus making the transaction information on organic products available in real-time.
The system, like the previous one, foresees the publication on the web sites and of all certificates issued by Bioagricert and the computerization of all transactions of organic products which take place between controlled operators.
To improve the exchange of information, the guarantees for the market, the cross-checks between "certification bodies/operators/market", the system involves the use of official encodings that allow the connection of business activities (ATECO encodings) to categories of products (statistical classification of products CPA) up to the product itself, as well as to constitute a database of buyers identified also by the CB, to make the exchange of information more effective.
Furthermore, implementing the indications reported in art. 29 of EC Reg. 834/07 and supported by the implementation of the information system SIB of the Ministry of Agriculture, which provides for the continuous updating of the National Register of Organic Operators, we set as our purpose, within 2015, the total elimination of printed paper documents from the system.
The new computer system, with authenticated access of the different actors involved in the certification activity and in the trading within the organic supply chain, will allow a direct connection with the staff of Bioagricert, improving the exchange of information and the guarantees of the supply chain, but preserving the required aspects of confidentiality.
New Certificates of Conformity and modality of access to the system for the issue of new Organic Products Transaction Documents (DTPB)
The new system to issue DTPB is directly connected to the new "Certificate of Conformity" attached to the "Documentary Evidence " (DG), in line with the provisions of D.M. 18321/2012.
As provided by the DM, the DG declares the compliance of the company in its whole organization (activities carried out, units and production sites, lands), while the Certificate authorizes the company to declare the conformity of the products in the sales.
Within the DG the declarer is identified by an alphanumeric code made up of 4 characters (declarer code or control code), while the production units are encoded by a 6-digit numeric code (production unit code).
In the Certificate of Conformity it has been added the category code resulting from an official codification, that characterize the category to which the farm products belong. This code must be reported for each sale.


example certificate conformity

All companies that gradually receive a Certificate with these characteristics, in order to issue DTPB in the new mode, will have to complete the registration on the Bioagricert website by going to the "new transaction documents" area and following the instructions.
The new way to issue the organic products transaction documents is related to the issue of the certificate with the categories and numerical codes as already indicated. The methods above are still valid for the certificates already in place.
For companies who market labeled product, the identification code of the labels (operator code) will be represented by the new alphanumeric code above, so it is asked to replace the old codifications as they will proceed to print new labels. The old codes already authorized will remain valid, without time limits, since still verifiable on DGs.

New procedure to issue the Organic Products Transaction Documents

Controlled Companies
All companies, once received the certificate in the new version, will have to register in the specific area "new transaction documents" on the web site, following the instructions. Once the registration is confirmed, it will be possible to fill and print out the documents accompanying the transactions of organic products.

Technical Consultants
If the company is assisted by a technical consultant, who has been properly authorized, he may enter the transactions on behalf of the company.

Upon registration, as already indicated for the "controlled companies" all buyers of companies that are certified by Bioagricert, will be able to check the regular communication to Bioagricert of transactions which are addressed to them, and interact directly with the certification office to communicate changes/corrections or abnormalities on such documents. A further possibility for registered buyers, in the case the seller is unable to enter transactions directly, is to require a "one-time key" that allows the registration of the transaction. In this case, the certificate holder or the buyer, by communicating only the data of those involved in the transaction, will receive, after verification, an alphanumeric code that will allow the buyer itself to communicate the details of the transaction for the publication.
The staff of Bioagricert remains at your disposal for any questions or concerns, by phone or mail.


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