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Transition to the new Reg. (EU) No. 848/2018 and issue of transaction documents based on the product list

With the entry into force of the new European Regulation relating to organic production, Bioagricert has renewed and updated the www.trasparente‐ platform which for many years has allowed the online publication of all certificates and transaction documents of organic products.

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Trasparente-check favours the exchange of information between public authorities and control bodies and encourages and facilitates cross-checks between the operators of the organic supply chain.

The system provides for the use of official codes that allow the connection of the company activities (ATECO economic activity codes) to the product categories (CPA statistical classification of products) up to the product itself, as well as to establish a database of the buyers identified also through the respective Control Body, to make the exchange of information more effective.

The platform allows the authenticated access of the various actors involved in the certification activity and in the commercial exchanges and allows a direct connection with the Bioagricert databases, improving the exchange of information and the guarantees of the supply chain, always safeguarding the aspects of confidentiality.

Transaction documents of organic product (DTPB)

The system for issuing the DTPB is directly connected to the "Certificate of Conformity" issued by Bioagricert which authorizes the company to declare the conformity of the products marketed.

In the DTPB there is always a 4-character alphanumeric code (which identifies the controlled operator and the control body) and the category code deriving from an official coding, which precisely characterizes the category to which the company products belong. These codes are always reported in the Certificate of Conformity issued by Bioagricert.

example certificate conformity

All licensed operators who require the Certificate of Conformity for the purpose of selling and transferring the product will be able to register on the Bioagricert website by accessing the Transaction documents area for the purpose of issuing the DTPB.
For companies that market packaged and labeled products, the control codes (CB code and operator code) shown on the label allow them to meet the obligations required by the legislation in force for the purpose of placing organic products on the market.


The documentary evidence and the certificates of conformity issued pursuant to the old EC Reg. 834/07 and still in force will remain valid until their natural expiry and, in any case, no later than 31/12/2022.
These documents can be used to market organic products also pursuant to the new EU Reg. No. 848/18.

The certification document for organic productions, which until now was represented by the "Documentary Evidence" together with the related "Certificate of conformity" annexed, will in the future consist of a single document, called "Certificate", drawn up according to the common European format reported in Annex VI of the new regulation.

The certification documents, still in force, will be gradually replaced with the new "Certificate" as the surveillance activities, the on-site inspections and / or the documentary controls required in case of extension and renewal of the certificates already issued proceed.
In any case, all operators must have the new certificate by 31.12.2022.

Certificates of transaction

The Trasparente-check platform allows the issuance, again via the web, of specific types of transaction certificates necessary for export to particular markets and destinations, see for example: NOP export certificates, Korea export certificates and generic lot certificates (EU Import Certificates are inserted on the Traces platform).

When completing the transaction documents or certificates, the purchasers and material recipients of the goods are identified with their respective tax code.
The same buyers or recipients can register on the web site and verify in real time all the transaction documents or certificates in which they cover the role of buyer or recipient.

The system finds the correspondence between the buyer/ seller and the registered user via the tax code; therefore, it is important that those who register use the correct tax code.

Access to the system allows, by applying the appropriate filters, to make statistics and to extract the transaction data in summary tables.
All transaction data will be stored and will be verifiable and printable for a minimum of 5 years from the date of issue of the transaction document, thus acting as an archive.

All documents present on the site in a state of visibility for registered buyers/ recipients, are to be considered official and valid according to the indications reported on the same and summarized below.
Printing, signing, sending the hard copy is not essential (except for very special cases); any changes/ revocations will be made directly on the web and communicated to the interested parties.

Who can access the Trasparente Check platform?

Controlled operators

All controlled operators, once they have received the certificate for the marketing and sale of the products, can register in the specific area on the website "Transaction documents", following the instructions provided. Once the registration is confirmed, it will be possible to fill in and print the documents accompanying the transactions of organic products.

At certified traders/marketers that use proprietary management software and make numerous sales transitions, Bioagricert is able to activate a procedure for importing data directly on the web, without uploading manually the individual transactions.

This method, in addition to making the certification documents available on the web as already indicated, allows, subject to approval of the indications and statements, to report the declarations of conformity on their tax documents (DDT or accompanying invoices, etc.), without prejudice to the mandatory minimum requirements provided for by the organic production rules (origin, classification, certification body, reference standard).


When the company is followed by a technical consultant, it may be the same study, appropriately authorized by Bioagricert, to replace the company for the insertion of transactions.


Upon registration, as already indicated for "controlled companies", all buyers of companies certified by Bioagricert will have the opportunity to verify the regular communication to Bioagricert of the transactions to which they are recipients.

Bioagricert staff is always available for any doubts or requests for clarification, by telephone or email.

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