IFOAM international standard

Since 1972, IFOAM has occupied an unchallenged position as the only international umbrella organization of the organic world, uniting an enormous diversity of stakeholders contributing to the organic vision. The IFOAM Standard is an internationally applicable organic standard born to create synergies and harmonization in the organic sector at global level.


Bioagricert has been accredited by IFOAM since 1996.

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  inputs ifoam accredited below black






IFOAM allows two certification possibilities: IFOAM FOOD and IFOAM inputs.

DOCUMENTS in English



The IFOAM NORMS for Organic Production and Processing

Master 74 Application

Annex H (ex Operative Instruction_10) CONTROL OF IFOAM RESTRICTIONS

Master 260 Nano material declaration

Master 261 SOCIAL JUSTICE Operator declaration

Master 262 Ifoam processing

Master 263 Ifoam Crops

Master 264 Ifoam livestock 

Master 265 Ifoam Bees

Master 266 Check list Ifoam